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Made in italy, in-house production of the highest quality

100% of our production is made entirely in Italy, in our own factories.

Our own production has always been one of the strong points of our company, located in Abruzzo, and this is why today Pail represents the true “Made in Italy”, something that few companies in the sector can boast. In fact, in every PAIL product you can feel the experience of a company that has been producing exclusively Italian products for over fifty years and has always been inspired by the love of quality and wood. We believe that “Made in Italy” should be protected as a competitive advantage to which all Italian manufacturing companies should aspire. At our Atessa facility, the production chain begins with the sourcing of raw wood, which is expertly worked, painted and assembled in different configurations according to the customisation requested by our customers.

“In Italy we have the best raw materials: sun, landscape, creativity, initiative, great craftsmanship, beauty, culture and traditions.”

Ermete Realacci

Why choose us? New BIO paints

Why Pail?

Our revolution in sustainable design. At PAIL we have made respect for the territory, the environment and the people who live in it a fundamental asset of our philosophy and our production processes.

Our company has always been attentive to the choice of innovative materials and working methods with low environmental impact. 


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