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Why Pail?

All production takes place at our plant in Atessa, Italy.


Made in Italy

Made in Italy Each Pail product is designed and manufactured in Italy, starting with quality raw materials worked with skill and know-how by expert Italian craftsmen. 


Pail’s innovation never stops in seeking out technical solutions able to continuously renew the proposal for the market, in terms of aesthetics, technology and performance. 


Pail-design doors and windows are also born from the creativity of Italian designers and architects who study and propose each collection, taking care of every detail. 


The Pail production process takes place entirely in-house, from the raw materials to the finished product.

This process ensures total quality control to be implemented for each processing phase. In addition to the door leaf, the frames and jambs are also made and painted in-house, to guarantee uniformity in the finish of each component.

The same process is followed for the windows, for which we start with the timber, completing all of the processes in-house in order to achieve the finished product.


The wide range of products, both for doors and windows, is able to meet the various needs of the market and includes: wooden doors, doors with synthetic finishes, wooden and wood/aluminium frames.


Pre- and post-sales assistance services ensure customers are guided throughout all phases of the order, thanks to the qualified team of technicians who manage the technical and performance solutions, even in advance.

In the “contract” division, our technical staff interfaces with the customer, backing all the most appropriate technical and aesthetic solutions whilst forging a close collaboration so that the project may be carried out to the highest of standards.  

Environmental Sustainability

Promoting sustainable development means production that respects the territory, resources and its socio-economic fabric, whilst monitoring the environmental impact and defining strategies and objectives aimed at its safeguarding.

Organic water-based coating and certified in class A+

Our revolution in sustainable design.

At PAIL we have made respect for the territory, the environment and the people who live in it a fundamental asset of our philosophy and our production processes.

Our company has always been attentive to the choice of innovative materials and working methods with low environmental impact. This is why we have taken a further step forward, choosing for our processes a paint produced with raw materials of vegetable origin, from sustainable sources.

The organic water-based paints used by our company are produced from renewable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials. They consist mainly of water and bio-resin of an acrylic nature, with a very low content of volatile organic compounds, which pollute the atmosphere and are harmful to human health. These characteristics will contribute to innovation not only in terms of environmental sustainability, but also in terms of the technical and aesthetic properties of the final product: greater chemical and light resistance and greater anti-yellowing power. In addition, the production process of these paints is low in CO2.

The result is a product with optimal performance that respects the planet and makes the PAIL production process virtuous, creating a virtuous network of circular economy, with a drastically lower impact than the most commonly used products on the market, which are instead based on oil.

This is an important step towards the sustainability of our production cycles and in our environmental contribution towards the environment, in full respect of an area that we hold dear.


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