Aphrodite mimetica

 Wood-aluminium frame

Aphrodite mimetica

Frame with 68 x 85 mm profile and leaf profile 86 x 78 mm with load-bearing structure in laminated wood complete with external covering in extruded aluminium profiles, with double thermo-acoustic seal. 45° corner node joint (patented system). 37-mm glass for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Central symmetrical node. Extruded aluminium coating coplanar on the external side (RAL or anodised colours).


Hardware and accessories

trip hardware with anti-corrosion protection; three locking points on windows and four locking points on French windows with adjustable latches. The secondary leaf is fitted with a lower bolt for locking.


Laminated wood profiles covered with synthetic 3D decorations (PUR system). A whole host of brand-new synthetic 3D decorative finishes for a modern look, pleasant to the touch and long lasting. Extensive options for customising the fixtures.

Performance classes

Air permeability: 4 (UNI EN 1026 and UNI EN 12207)
Water tightness: E1200 (UNI EN 1027 and UNI EN 12208)
Wind load resistance: C5 (UNI EN 12211 and UNI EN 12210)

Sound insulation

RW up to 41 dB

Thermal transmittance

up to Uw = 1.3 W/m²K. The transmittance values reported below have been calculated according to UNI EN 10077-1 and UNI EN 10077-2 standards, using the standardised dimensions foreseen by the UNI EN 14351-1 standard (PF = 1480 x 2180 mm, FI = 1230 x 1480), on the basis of the “Tenero” wood and a double-glazing with Warm Edge spacer in metal.

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