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Pail acronym of Pellegrini Amerigo wood industry.

Amerigo Pellegrini, son of a cabinetmaker, started his activity in 1963 in a small workshop of only 100 square meters.

The years of personal and professional growth were also the years of Italy’s economic boom, but before this could happen he was already on a train to Switzerland.

The experience beyond the Alps was important, but unlike many of his fellow countrymen, Amerigo Pellegrini nurtured the desire to return to contribute more directly to the economic development of his country. Not yet twenty years old and animated by an entrepreneurial spirit, he anticipated the times, sensing the potential of the great development of the years to come. He specialised, right from the start, in the production of fixtures and doors for interiors, necessary for businesses and indispensable for the infrastructure of the area.

Day after day the Pellegrini family continues to work, to grow thanks to the contribution of new craftsmen who carry out their trade in a still family environment. It is a constant growth, so much so that the rhythms become more and more frenetic

The 100-square-metre workshop no longer provided enough space for a diversifying production, which had to meet additional demands.

In both the production and creative spheres, everything continues to evolve, and the production halls continue to expand.

In the meantime, Amerigo and his wife Antonietta passed on their dedication and passion for the family business to their children, who were willing to spend part of the summer in production, just to breathe in the scent of wood, which for them is like the scent of home. In 1983 and 1987 – first Sandro and then Fausto – joined the company.

The former was in charge of production and purchasing, while the latter – driven by greater flair and creativity – concentrated on product development and expanding the sales network.

By the eighties the Pellegrini family was identified as PAIL in the business world. PAIL is a brand that consolidates, capable of carrying on a tradition without denying itself, without being satisfied. Production fulfils more and more demands on the national market

Between the eighties and the nineties, thanks to the entry of new collaborators, PAIL decides to continue to distinguish itself. It turns to an ever wider public, this time entering the world of showrooms.

In 2003, after a long and varied apprenticeship in sales, Paolo joined the family business to take charge of administration, finance and control. Five years later it was Emanuela’s turn, and since 2008 she has been working in marketing and communications.

The confrontation is total, because this is the only way in which the old and new generations can successfully combine their skills to mark an important change of direction. Wanted, hoped for, in some ways healthy, thanks to the increased focus on the direct sales market. The Dolcevita collection was born in 2012 from these assumptions, the result of a desire – which has never been quenched – to personalise its products by relying solely on wood, an essential raw material.

The comparison is total, because this is the only way in which old and new generations can successfully combine their skills to mark a major change of direction. Wanted, hoped for, in some ways healthy, thanks to the greater attention paid to the direct sales market. From these assumptions, in 2012 the Dolcevita collection was born, the result of the desire – which has never been quenched – to customise their products by relying solely on wood, an essential raw material.

Dolcevita thus becomes the key that opens the door to the foreign market, which in just a few years has accounted for 45% of total sales. Dolcevita reveals itself as the synthesis of the tireless work of hundreds of employees, the collection of those who every day move between automated and artisan departments in a warehouse that now covers fifty thousand square metres.

A line of interior doors that in more recent years has inspired collections increasingly characterised by customisation and production flexibility, made possible by in-house production at every stage, from design to finishing.

A courageous choice, consistent with a new production philosophy, capable of enhancing the value of Made in Italy and recalling years that have meant a profound transformation for this company and for our country. In the early 1960s, when Fellini was showing for the first time a different vision of Italy, unprecedented and unknown abroad, a father and son in a still agricultural province contributed with their own hands to shaping the new image of a country that only wanted to grow.

This would be enough to explain the various awards received by Amerigo Pellegrini over the years, citing prizes such as the Mercurio d’oro for entrepreneurial merits awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti or the Laurea Honoris Causa in commercial and industrial technology awarded in 2004. Perhaps to understand what PAIL is today, one could retrace the life of its founder, seeing the young boy in the workshop become a young emigrant returning to his homeland.

Ready to reinvent himself as a successful entrepreneur, husband, father of five children, the man who in 1990 received the honour of Cavaliere della Repubblica from President Cossiga and the Honourable Andreotti. But perhaps the best way to grasp PAIL in its essence is to rely on a wide range of elegant, comfortable products, where interior doors of high design stand out.

Where nothing escapes the attentive eye of the expert, scrupulous craftsman, still standing at his post.


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