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Futura 68

Frame with a 68 x 70 mm profile has a double-sealing gasket, 68 x 78 mm profile leaf with perimetral acoustic seal, struts and crosspieces fitted at 90° (patented system). Profile available in “Soft” (SFT), “Classic” (CLS) and “Barocco” (BRC) versions. Glass up to 32 mm for excellent thermo-acoustic insulation. Central symmetric (J) or asymmetrical (AS) node. Window lower frame, suitable water collection and run-off, made entirely of wood or in wood and extruded aluminium profile, door window with extruded aluminium profile with thermal cut H = 44 mm

  • Hardware and accessories

    Strip hardware with anti-corrosion protection; three locking points on the windows and four locking points on the door windows with adjustable latches. The secondary leaf is equipped with a lower bolt for locking

  • Painting

    Water cycle with initial impregnation of antibacterial, anti-mould and anti-woodworm treatment, intermediate phase with insulating primer and third phase with electrostatic spray finish with UV protection. Extreme flexibility in production that guarantees endless customisation of the forms, sizes and opening systems, in order to meet all architectural and housing needs.

  • Performance classes

    Air permeability: 4 (UNI EN 1026 and UNI EN 12207)
    Water tightness: 7A (UNI EN 1027 and UNI EN 12208);
    Wind load resistance: C4 (UNI EN 12211 and UNI EN 12210)

  • Sound insulation

    RW up to 41 dB

  • Thermal transmittance

    Up to Uw = 1.2 W/m²K. The transmittance values reported below have been calculated according to UNI EN 10077-1 and UNI EN 10077-2 standards, using the standardised dimensions foreseen by the UNI EN 14351-1 standard (PF = 1480 x 2180 mm, FI = 1230 x 1480), on the basis of the “Tenero” wood and a double-glazing with Warm Edge spacer.


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