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Slim 82 L

Frame section 68x70mm with dual thermoacoustic gasket. Sash section 82×70 mm with extruded aluminum covering profiles on the exterior side, acoustic gasket, 90° junction of stiles and rails (patented system). Glass 28mm for an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. asymmetrical (AS) central mullion. The bottom frame rail, designed for water drainage , can be made of wood with an extruded anodised aluminium profile on the external side. Door-window with extruded anodised aluminium thermal break threshold of H = 25mm; on request H=44mm.
  • Hardware & Accessories
    Recessed hardware with anti-corrosion protection; three locking points on windows and four locking points on doors-windows with adjustable strikers. The secondary sash is fitted with flush lever bolt on the bottom rail to allow blocking.
  • Finish
    Water-based varnish, initial coat made with impregnating agent for pesticide and fungicide, second coat of intermediate primer , and a third electrostatic finishing spray with UV protection. Extreme production flexibility that guarantees endless customization of shapes, sizes and opening systems, to answer all the architectural and housing needs.


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